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When To Buy Bags In Bulk?

Posted August 30, 2012

Simple question, really, but it all depends on what you consider bulk.  If you use 40,000 industrial poly bags a month in your operation, then buying 2 pallets at a time with free shipping is not unrealistic.  If you buy 300,000 poly bags, and you only use 10,000 a year, you’re out of your mind with money to burn. 

We work with the largest of companies down to a mom and pop, and they all get the same attention and service - they just have different needs.  Working with the large operations; when they buy in bulk, they are doing a few things: 1. Locking in the price of that commodity at that particular time.  2.  Guaranteeing they do not have a slowdown in assembly due to missing components (BAGS).  And 3. they take advantage of high volume discounts and, many times, free shipping on those orders.  When you are working on a grand scale, those pennies add up to large dollars at the end of a year.

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Be Careful What You Wish For:

Posted August 9, 2012

         Folk’s, here’s a great article that helps put a different perspective on the latest rage within the retail bag industry.  The author sites some pretty compelling science to back up his ideas why banning bags might not be the wisest thing to do.   
You want to feel good and think plastic bags are bad, so you say, “Hey, I’m going to buy those reusable bags”, only to realize that those, too, are plastic.  Want to buy paper bags as a substitute, great, we sell those too; but as we’ve been saying for years now, it’s not what bag  people use, it’s a question of how do people dispose of that bag AFTER they use it. 
Again, why do we have to turn to outright bans that punish everyone?  You may ask, “How may that be?”  Well, store owners that sell low cost goods are the folks who buy the lower cost bags; and if they have to upgrade a bag because of bans, then ultimately those stores are going to raise their prices to comply with new laws. Hence, we, the paying public, pay more for the things we need in the long run.
 As a store or business owner, you need knowledge and information to help you make the right choices. Informed decisions help business owners keep up with the demands and wishes of their clientele!  The following article has some very interesting facts regarding the pro's and con's of the uses of plastics!

Read the full article Here:


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