Cannabis Curing Storage and Transport Growers Bags features Cannabis Curing Storage and Transport Growers Bags designed to replace the traditional turkey bags used when a crop is harvested. The curing storage and transport bags can be vacuum packed and heat sealed. A resealable option also is available. These bags provide short- and long-term storage options.

The bags are made from Mylar, a polyester film that has a high reflective property. Mylar is used as light reflector and as a block to moisture. Our vacuum curing bags are generously sized. Offered in a variety of sizes, ranging from a pound to 5 pounds, the growers bags can be ordered with a clear front to display the product or light proof to preserve the product. These bags are designed to hold a lot of product. They also can come with a zip top.

The bags designed specifically with dispensary cannabis packaging needs and meet the requirements of most states. The bags can maintain moisture levels. This helps with preserving the freshness of the product. It also prevents staling as well as the harmful proliferation of molds, mildew and bacteria. The light-proof bags prevent UV rays from affecting the cannabis.

The Mylar bags are FDA approved and keep cannabis from drying out. They feature moisture control technology. The bags also feature superior seals and multilayer construction, making it durable. Paired with the moisture control, your marijuana will cure and stay fresh longer. Pre-packaging in cannabis growers bags also helps dispensaries and collectives improve inventory control and stem pilferage. In states where inventory tracking via RFID technology is mandatory for both medical and recreational marijuana, our bags can be an invaluable asset to that process.

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