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Cannabis Packaging

Bags on the Net provides the highest quality packaging on the market today. Our inventory includes packaging and bags that includes odor-proof bags for producers and edibles as well as recreational use products and a line of marijuana merchandise checkout bags. We also carry a line of child-proof exit bags. Bags on the Net will provide the perfect packaging to meet your needs.

Packaging for cannabis edibles are perfect for both the retail and medical segments. Options include smell-proof hanging and standing pouches.  Whether the packaging is for edibles or medical products, Bags on the Net offers plastic bags that are re-sealable and secure. The bags to not rely on flaps or adhesives for a seal. They feature high-quality design with a single, durable zipper that was designed to keep your medication fresh with an airtight seal.

When protection is important, we feature high barrier bags for cannabis. They feature a thick wall and moisture and oxygen resistant properties. A zip-lock mechanism allows the bag to be resealed after each use. We also offer the best security, featuring kraft and clear barrier bags. We also offer metallized odor barrier bags that are heat sealable for enhanced tamper evidence and child resistance. Our child-proof exit bags will meet all of your dispensary needs. These bags have been designed with a single zipper containing a dual lock mechanism. This design ensures that contents can be packaged and carried out of a store with no smell. They meet child resistant compliance of the toughest state laws.

Bags on the Net carries a line of bags that are weight-specific and are available in either full opaque or clear front/opaque back options. These bags can be used for recreational use products or for medical packaging. Window pouches allow retailers to offer a look at the products offered.

Bags on the Net also offers the lowest minimums and quick shipping for your convenience. You can order online through our secure website. We ship within 12 hours of processing your order. Our discounts are based on total cases purchased. Call for discount details.

Custom Branded Cannabis Packaging

We can help bring your branding ideas to life. We understand the effort it takes you  to create beautiful products and we want to help you get those products to stand out from the crowd.  We have created custom bags and packaging solutions for companies for over 20 years. Don't settle for plain packaging when we can custom print your brand name on all our bags. We will help you design any custom bag or print.