Custom Printed Cannabis Growers Bag

Growers Bags carries a Cannabis Growers Bag Turkey Bag that can take the place of traditional turkey bags during the harvest of a marijuana crop. Made from strong and durable Mylar, these bags can be heat sealed or vacuum packed to protect your product from moisture and oxygen.

Ensure that your harvest is fresh and free from mold and mildew. The bags are resealable, making them a multi-purpose bag for dispensaries. You can utilize these bags for short- or long-term storage of your cannabis or other herbs. Our bags are offered in sizes ranging from a pound up to 5 pounds. They also are available with a clear window to display your product or light-proof for added protection.

Protecting your marijuana from air is important. When left out, it will dry out, causing it to burn more quickly. This could lead to a harsher experience and impact the medicinal qualities. It also could lose its flavor and potency. Growers bags can help prevent this issue. is your one-stop shopping site for cannabis grower’s bags. You can order with confidence online on our secure website. We will ship your order within 12 hours of processing. To learn more about our packaging, shipping or discount options, call 1-888-NET-BAGS.