Food Service Bags

Our economically priced food service vacuum bags and bread bags are smart packaging solutions from Bags On The Net for cafeterias, restaurants and bakeries, for retail and wholesale grocers and for home use. Our clear vacuum pouches available by the case are manufactured with 9-layer poly-nylon material to put a stop to food spoilage. They are compliant with all applicable FDA and USDA specifications. These bags provide excellent moisture transmission rates at less than 5g/sw.m, as well as oxygen transmission rates at less than 45 cc/sw.m. With a 3-mil thickness, you can boil or freeze food in this bag. They work with heat-seal units and bone-in applications. Choose from more than 2 dozen sizes, including 5 inches by 7 inches, 6 inches by 14 inches and 18-inch by 28-inch styles.

Our sturdy wicketed bread bags are made of 100 percent low-density polyethylene resin to comply with FDA food packaging standards. Order your wicketed bread bag supply by the case in a clear 7.25-inch by 13.125-inch by 2.5-inch size. We also offer three gusseted bag sizes: 9.25 inches by 15.25 inches by 4 inches, an 11-inch by 18-inch by 4-inch option and a gusseted 8.75 inches by 15 inches by 5 inches. Our unprinted bread bags are stacked and secured on wire wickets. You can heat-seal, staple, tie or tape our bags to close each clear food pouch. Our eco-friendly clear bread bags are 100 percent recyclable. Use them for high-speed loading applications, for bread and bun packaging, and to hold fruit, potatoes and other fresh produce. Use our wicketed bread bags at farmers markets and community festivals. Our versatile bread bags have also become an inexpensive storage option for hosiery, shirts and other retail products. If you need custom food service, retail or hospitality industry packaging, consult our in-house experts for affordable solutions delivered fast. Enjoy wholesale price discounts on bulk orders.