Gusseted Poly Bags

If you frequently ship out different order sizes, you’ll need shipping bags that adjust to fit the bill. These Gusseted Poly Bags from Bags on the Net feature expandable sides that create more space once the bag is filled to capacity, ensuring that they look professional when filled with a small amount of products but can also accommodate larger orders. They’re also made of the same durable polypropylene as the rest of our clear poly bags, which protects your shipments from the moisture and contamination of the elements all the way from your shipping center to the final destination.

Bags on the Net carries Gusseted Poly Bags in a wide variety of sizes, ensuring that you find the perfect ones for your company’s products. Whether you own a bakery that frequently ships candy, cookies or other baked goods or a computer supply company that sells small parts and fragile electronic items, these bags come in sizes to suit just about anyone’s needs. Choose between Gusseted Poly Bags in 4” x 2” x 8” in 1 mil up to 30” x 26” x 60” in 3 mil for wholesale prices, and if you order larger quantities, you’ll save even more with our bulk pricing.

Once you fill our Gusseted Poly Bags with your company’s products, simply heat seal, tape or tie them for closure. For bulk orders, Bags on the Net also offers custom printing to create a professional look that is sure to get your company recognized. Add your logo or a custom message in your choice of colors and styles and you can impress your customers from the moment their order arrives. At Bags on the Net, we ensure the highest level of quality and care for all of your shipping and storage needs.

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