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Not all Plastic Bags are created equal.

Posted July 16, 2012

By….. The Bag Hunter
Plastic bags come in different thicknesses, or MILS.  A 4 MIL bag is twice as thick as a 2 MIL bag so they should be stronger.  Some low end manufacturers will sell a 4 MIL bag but give the buyers a 3.25 MIL….  That’s almost a 19% difference in plastic.  The factory may be saving a ton, but the consumer is getting much less of a bag, all the while thinking they bought a strong bag.  There are tolerances as to what is acceptable in extruding, and I can see a low in a few bags per thousand, but there are folks out there that pass this off all the time.
 A plastic bag is welded (or melted and sealed) together either on the sides or the bottom.  Believe it or not there is a way to mess this part of a bag up.  It’s not done intentionally, but a better manufacturer will know how to set his machines up so they consistently get a good side or bottom seal. 

What happens if you don’t?........   Well let’s just say I hope it not red wine on a white dress.

Lastly is price.  Sometimes when you see prices that are too good to be true, many times there are reasons, and some of those reasons are outlined above…. That being said, we invite you to look at our pricing…  We stay competitive and at times we do blow our competition out of the water and one reason for that is our buying power.  If you have bulk orders, you may qualify for free shipping, and we will work to find the best source for your needs.  We don’t buy thousands of bags a year, or even a million bags a year.  We buy tens of millions of bags a year.  That translate to… We are the Bag experts, and dealing with us, you get our knowledge AND our buying power!

Happy Bag Hunting!

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