Marijuana Child Proof Exit Bags

The cannabis industry has begun to embrace flexible retail packaging, and more suppliers are asking experts how to package marijuana so it is protected and child proof. Bags On The Net features high-quality Marijuana Exit Bags that feature an ease-of-use thumb pressure slide lock that meets current child proof standards for locking, re-sealable, cannabis storage. The bags are fully opaque and have a bottom gusset, making it easily fit your product needs by expanding for added depth and capacity. Exit bags are available in single-use and exit bags.

Single-use bags offer premium storage, tamper evidence and are FDA-approved. These bags are perfect for storage of single servings of marijuana and other medicinal herbs and pharmaceuticals. The single-use bags feature 5-millimeter seams are completely opaque, so the contents will not be visible through the bag.

Pouch packages are popular for their easy-to-open tear notches and reclosable zip locks. However, products such as cannabis pharmaceuticals require specific product packaging that is compliant with government regulations and includes child-proof features that keep youngsters from mistakenly opening the packages and consuming the contents. These pouches are child resistant exit pages and provide a great blend of convenience and a two-handed lock system that features ease of use for adults while meeting most state laws to keep children safe. These bags meet American Society for Testing and Materials child-resistant standards.

Our bags also feature a metallized poly-aluminum coating that protects the contents from air, water and light. The four-ply material creates an impermeable barrier that protects your products. 

The bags also feature an opaque finish that provides an added layer of privacy for protection. A flat profile allows easy storage. They also take up minimal space in your storage room. The child-resistant exit bags provide durable packaging to protect your product without the bulk of traditional packaging options. This creates added convenience for you and your dispensary’s customers.

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