Marijuana Smell Proof Packaging Bags

Bags On The Net is your online source for the highest quality packaging, including smell proof packaging that provides the highest moisture and oxygen resistant barriers. The selection includes smell proof metallized hanging bags and pouches, standup resealable zipper pouch bags, stand up clear front resealable bags and oval window bags.

If your dispensary wants to set a high standard, our smell-proof bags are the best choice for the best impression. Designed with food-safe materials and a smell proof barrier, zipper pouch bags are a perfect fit for packaging medicinal or recreational marijuana. The smell proof bags can be ordered for specific gram/ounce sizes. Opaque back and clear front bag options are featured.

The metallized material is safe and provides a strong and durable package that offers a barrier to oxygen permeation. These bags also feature a vapor seal foil interior to keep the goods fresh. Once sealed properly, these bags will lock in odors and keep the buds fresh. The zipper pouch bags stand on their own, offer the highest barrier protection from air, water and light and make outstanding display packaging. and cannabis can be stored with discretion.

The smell proof bags feature a thickness from 3.5 to 6 mil to provide superior product protection. They can be sealed and with a zipper pouch, they can be sealed and resealed as needed, ensuring the package is reusable. The design features a gusseted bottom that allows the package to stand upright when filled. The zip pouch bags can be easily filled and are available in several sizes to meet all of your packaging needs. has the best packaging products to meet all of your needs. Our online catalog is one of the largest in the industry. Visit us online to order on our secure website. If you have any questions about any of our smell proof marijuana packaging, call 1-888-NET-BAGS. Your order is shipped within 12 hours of processing.

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