Medical Bags

Our by-the-case medical industry bags and pouches from Bags On The Net are expertly crafted for use at hospitals, clinics, research labs and other private and government facilities. Our reclosable amber zipper bags are made to resist UV damage in a translucent style to protect light-sensitive medical or electronics products. These bags are 3-mil thick. They meet USP XXII and USP XXIII Procedure 66.1 for light transmission not exceeding 10 percent at any wavelength. Choose our amber medical/electronics protection bags in sizes ranging from 2.5 inches by 9 inches or 3 inches by five inches to a 4-inch by 2-inch size.

Our chemotherapy drug transport bags have a resealable zipper top for safe transportation of chemotherapy drugs. Choose a 2-mil or 4-mil thickness and sizes ranging from 6 inches by 9 inches to 12 inches by 15 inch. Our chemotherapy drugs bags by the case are preprinted with the universal symbol and word chemotherapy, as well as the words “Observe safety precautions for handling and administration.” We also have 2-mil thick biohazard specimen bags constructed with a three-wall process for safety. Our biohazard bags by the case have outer pouches to store paperwork away from the specimens. The bags have a pre-printed biohazard symbol and the word biohazard on each drug transportation bag. Sizes range from 6 inches by 9 inches to 8-inch by 10-inch and 12-inch by 15-inch sizes.

We also carry soiled linen bags and biohazard infectious waste bags by the economically priced case. Our red biohazard infectious waste healthcare liners meet the D.O.T. Reg. 173.197 requirements of 480 grams tear resistance (ASTM D1922) and 165 grams impact resistance (ASTM D1709). These 1.3-mil bags are sold by the roll in 33-inch by 39-inch, 37-inch by 50-inch or 40-inch by 46-inch sizes. Our soiled linen bags in blue with black lettering are 1.3-mil thick. They’re sold by the 200-bag case. Each has 10 rolls inside. Each roll holds 20 soiled linen bags. If you need custom packaging or storage bag solutions for your medical practice or hospital, contact our expert staff.