Medical Bags

Bags On The Net offers a large selection of medical bags to choose from for hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, laboratories and more. We carry medical waste bags in multiple colors, specimen bags, drug transport bags and other items designed to hold and transport most types of biohazard materials and pharmaceutical products.

Medical bags are sold by the case or the roll, depending on the style and several sizes are available for each type of bag. Select styles are available in multiple colors to match the intended usage.

Easy to Identify

Our medical waste and specimen bags are easily identifiable by their bold colors and clear markings. Both types of bags are printed with the international biohazard symbol, indicating to others that the bag contains biohazard waste and that correct handling procedures should be used. All medical waste bags meet the D.O.T. color and print requirements for the disposal of medical waste and are printed in English and Spanish.

Secure Seal

Smaller medical bags, like those used for specimen transport, chemotherapy drugs and pharmaceuticals, are designed with a resealable zipper top. Though the bags are made for 1-time use, the zipper top ensures that any spills or leaks are properly contained. Bags are printed to indicate the contents and select styles include an outer pouch to keep paperwork separate from the contents.

Quality Construction

All medical bags are designed to meet industry standards for thickness, coloring and labeling. Our bags are designed using the appropriate plastic thickness for the intended usage and are tested to ensure durability and quality. When appropriate, bags include additional features such as paperwork pouches, moisture resistance, check boxes to indicate contents, biohazard markings and handling instructions.

High-quality, affordable, secure medical bags from Bags On The Net are the perfect choice for any medical facility, nursing home or laboratory. Once your order is placed, your bags will be packaged and shipped quickly, ensuring you never run out of necessary supplies. If you need help ordering or can’t find what you're looking for, give us a call at 1-888-NET-BAGS and we’ll be happy to help.

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