Newspaper Bags & Door Knob Bags

If you’re searching for a professional way to distribute newspapers, mailers, promotional materials or campaign literature, these plastic newspaper bags and door bags from the experts at Bags On The Net are a great choice. You can order clear plastic bags for newspaper delivery in multiple stock sizes or custom sizes to meet the specific requirements of your materials. We’ll print your newspaper plastic bags with your publication’s colors, phrasing and logo for an eye-catching presentation.

You may also order clear newspaper bags wholesale, if desired. Newspaper and doorknob bags feature a 1.5-inch lip so they can be packed on cardboard headers (100 bags per header) and are available in either clear high-density poly or clear linear low-density poly. A 1.5-inch doorknob hole (not available on newspaper bags) allows you to easily hang materials from the door so you don’t have to worry about papers blowing away in the wind or getting lost when someone opens the door.

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