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Our Quality and Quantity vs. just a Name…

Posted July 27, 2012

Our Quality and Quantity vs. just a Name…

We often discuss here at BagsOnTheNet why consumers of zipper bags choose to run to the big box stores and plunk down their money for the name brand zipper bags.  Some are Glad Bags or ZIPLOC Bags.  For example, ZIPLOC makes a great product and we all know them.  They sell a sandwich size bag which is approx. 6.5” wide x 6” high plus the zipper ( a zipper bag is measured to the zipper, the plastic above the zipper is not included). 


After looking around for a GREAT deal on ZIPLOC Brand Zipper Sandwich Bags the best price we could find was $2.75 for a box of 66 bags.  Compare that to our Discount Brand Zipper Bags 6x6 size 2 MIL and ours are $20.18 for a case of 1,000 Bags!  So, let’s do the math together.  You would have to buy just a hair more than 15 boxes to get to 1,000 bags with the ZIPLOC.  15 boxes would cost $41.25.  WOW, almost an exact doubling in price.  There are a few reasons for that; 1) We aren’t moving our bags all around and then onto store shelves, so we have less handling costs. 2) With our order systems we keep very tight controls on inventories and 3) We don’t have National televisions commercials, and large advertising budgets.  We do advertise, but on a much different level. 

We’re not saying the competitions bags are bad in any way…  Both our bags and “the competitions” are pretty much identical, ours both serve the same purpose and perform as they should although you may notice ours our a little thicker so another added bonus.  We just don’t spend millions of dollars trying to convince you otherwise.  We, through our long standing website, reputation and existing customer base are growing our sales.  We invite you to check out our zipper bags and would like to extend to you a coupon discount code to check out any of our other bags that you may use as well.  You won’t be disappointed and you’ll even have money left over for more groceries in your cart!   

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posted July 28, 2012 by Steve Bacon
I never thought of that before. But after I tried your zipper bags, there is ZERO difference, and I bought 1,000 bags. Sorry to say I don't have to buy from you that ofter with that quantitiy but it's for sure the better way to buy Zip Lock bags. And just to throw this in, I love the fact that I can call your office and talk to an American and they can help me with all my questions and I can understand what they are saying. I hope that's PC to say.... OK thanks again.

posted July 30, 2012 by Steve Bacon
I just posted on your FB page too. I have to say I tried looking for cheaper pricing at stores and your right. If I buy 1,000 ZipLoc bags from you, I just can't beat price. EVEN with shipping. I just ordered a few boxes of different sizes and I just think it made common sense. Thanks.

posted October 1, 2012 by Andre
My dad got me one of these bags for my high school beucase we have a strict no book bag policy and it works pretty well. I carry a lot of heavy books in it and it hold up really well. The only problem I noticed was that the seam is starting to come undone around the zipper on top. But if you're getting it for just carrying regular things around you probably won't have any problem. I like it a lot, it gets the job done and I kind of like the way it looks. I would recommend it.

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