PSA Article for Clear Stadium Bag Rules

The NFL-compliant clear vinyl stadium bags we have at Bags On The Net are the safe, smart choice for any arena or large public gathering. It’s safer and faster to check see-through bags at the gate. “We anticipate that many more stadiums and arenas will soon adopt this policy,” announced the NFL Committee on Stadium Security – the first major-league group to adopt the new bag rule. Now they are the required bag for entry into NFL, PGA, LGPA, NASCAR, MLB, NCAA and other college and professional sporting venues.

Our clear vinyl bags with handles exactly fit the 12-inch by 12-inch by 6-inch NFL requirement for clear bag size limits. At, you can order open-top or zip-close clear totes with handles in this size. Our sturdy vinyl totes will allow your fans, customers and event-goers to fill them without fear of rips or tears under normal use. Plus, they’re reusable. Our NFL regulation clear stadium bags are the smart choice for convention bags, promotional or swag bags, community festivals and school events.

Like the NFL, we expect other public events and arenas to quickly adopt the clear bag rule. While clear plastic freezer one-gallon bags are allowed, they don’t have the strength or carrying handles of our bags. You can carry a small clutch bags the size of your hand, but even that has to be inside an NFL-compliant clear bag unless a medical device is involved that must be made available for inspection. What you can’t bring inside are purses larger than a hand-sized wallet, briefcases, fanny packs and camera bags. You can bring smart phones. Even seat cushions must meet strict rules.

“This proactive measure both will enhance safety inside and outside the stadium and speed the security screening process for all NFL fans. The public deserves to be in a safe, secure environment. This is about both safety and improving the overall fan experience,” states the NFL. While the deadly Boston Marathon bombings was one factor, the need for clear bag restrictions was under discussion long before that terrible event. The new bag rule makes it easier to search bags while also supporting the Department of Homeland Security's "If You See Something, Say Something" campaign. Fans praise the fact that they can now move faster through security checkpoints.

Our versatile bags are not just the smart choice for sports and other outdoor venues. Our customers praise this size for use as clear produce bags, inexpensive gift shop bags and promotional bags that allow recipients to see exactly what they are receiving. Because they are reusable, they add value to any business selling to or serving the public.