Poly Mailers

Whether your business is brick-and-mortar, online or a blend of both, you want to make sure you have a stock of high-quality shipping materials on hand at all times. Bags On The Net specializes in offering low-priced poly mailers that ensure that your inventory makes it to its final destination in once piece. Having the appropriate supply of shipping envelopes means fewer returns, complaints and bad reviews. Load up on bulk poly bubble mailers and heavy-duty shippers today from Bags On The Net — it’s a smart investment!

Poly bubble mailers are some of our most affordable shipping bags and come in multiple sizes and colors to help meet your business’s specific needs and marketing goals. They’re made from lightweight, recyclable material that offers exceptional moisture-resistance and bursting strength compared to similar budget mailers. Order bubble mailers by the case from Bags On The Net to save time and money during cash mobs and busy seasons. We also carry non-bubble poly mailers in bulk in nine sizes to ensure that you get the proper mailer for a broader range of products.

If you’re shipping fragile, expensive or rare items, check out our heavy-duty shippers. These heavy-duty poly mailers are made from a 3-mil mono-layer of opaque, high-strength polyethylene that provides superior strength, tamper-proofing and durability from warehouse to doorstep. These bulk shipping envelopes come in gray and may be ordered in sizes ranging from 6 inches by 9 inches to 30 inches by 30 inches at Bags On The Net. Order poly mailers by the case to save even more on shipping supplies you know you’ll use.

Bags On The Net specializes in offering custom shipping materials and discount promotional bags for businesses in every single industry. If you’re looking for custom poly mailers that you want to order printed with your company’s colors, logos or graphics, Bags On The Net can help you realize your vision. Contact us today at 1-888-NET-BAGS with questions or comments.

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