Polypropylene Bags

If you’re concerned with durability when it comes to shipping products from your business, polypropylene bags from Bags on the Net will offer peace of mind through incredible strength and moisture resistance. Many companies ship products in the mail to their customers, from bakeries to online boutiques and even computer supply companies, but no matter what it is that you’re mailing, these polypropylene will offer reliable protection and even a wide variety of size options that create a professional look that your customers will appreciate. Browse our entire selection of flat poly bags, gusseted poly bags, zip-lock poly bags and polypropylene tubes at wholesale prices to get started.

Begin the process by choosing your preferred density for your polypropylene bags. Bags on the Net offers lighter density options that protect from the immediate surroundings at a more affordable price for more durable items, but if you’re shipping food products, medical products and other sensitive items, you might want to opt for a heavier density bag that acts a shield in dirty or moisture-filled environments. Your customers will feel confident that their orders are arriving in top condition when they feel the durability of our polypropylene bags.

Not only do we offer multiple densities, we also offer bags in a very wide variety of sizes that you can tailor to fit your exact products. With options ranging from 2.5” by 6.5” to 5.25” x 13”, there are truly sizes and shapes that will suit just about anything. By combining thoughtful, practical designs combined with durability and strength and offering it all to you at wholesale prices, Bags on the Net offers some of the best polypropylene bags that you’ll find anywhere online.

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