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Pre-Opened Clear Poly Bags On A Roll

Flat poly bags are essential storage solutions for all kinds of businesses, from bakeries shipping small batches of sweets to doctors’ offices looking to store healthcare products in a safe, sanitary way. Bags on the Net offers a wide variety of Pre-Opened Clear Poly Bags on a Roll that make it even easier and more convenient than ever before to keep your poly bags organized in a drawer or cabinet and reach for one right when you need it. Because these clear bags are also pre-opened, you won’t have to fumble around with the bag while attempting to stuff your company’s items inside.

Bags on the Net’s Pre-Opened Clear Poly Bags on a Roll come in 2 mil sizes that are made with our unique Speedy Pac technology for easy stuffing, storing or sending out to customers. They come on a sturdy roll with a tubular construction that offers a long, narrow shape, and they have a durable bottom seal that ensures that they won’t break under pressure. There is also a slit in the front and a perforated back for automatic loading or quicker hand loading. Each roll of pre-opened bags is also wound on 3.5-inch cords. We also offer four sizes of steel roll dispensers that make it even easier to spin your roll of bags and pull one off right when you need it.

If you want to create a custom design that only your company will have, Bags on the Net also offers easy customization on all rolls of clear, pre-opened bags. Simply access easy-to-use form to state the number of sides you’d like printed, your preferred colors and even your company’s logo or message. We’ll get back to you quickly with a quote using your specified sizes, quantity and artwork.