Promo Insulated Coolers

Available in a variety of sizes and styles, the Promo Insulated Coolers from BagsOnTheNet are small and inexpensive, but they’ll make a big impression on anyone you give them to, whether a long-time customer, a hard-working employee who went the extra yard for you or anyone else you’d just like to say “thanks” to.

Everyone who gets one of our Promo Insulated Coolers from will remember your organization every time they use it, which will be often. We have small coolers in a lunch bag format that are great for taking lunch to work, on a fishing trip or other short outing as well as bigger coolers in a tote bag style that are perfect for transporting foods to a family picnic, a neighborhood block potlulck or anywhere else where you need to keep food and beverages cool and healthy.

Really, the name of these bags is slightly misleading, because in addition to keeping food and beverages cool, they can also keep items warm. That means you can pick up a hot sandwich at a take-out place or a snack at the deli and keep it warm while you make some other stops on the way home or back to work. Many people like to keep a spare cooler bag or two in their car just in case they make an unscheduled stop for a hot or cold snack and want to keep it that way till they reach their destination. These bags are so darn handy, in fact, that we bet everyone on your list will want to get more than one.

Made of 90-plus GSM (that stands for grams per square meter) nonwoven polypropylene, these bags are sturdy and durable. They’re also fully recyclable, which will give you and everyone a good feeling knowing that they can be recycled once they have served out their useful life.

Available in assorted attractive colors, these bags look great but serve a very practical purpose. Surprisingly inexpensive, they become an even better deal when you take advantage of the bulk discounts available from BagsOnTheNet. Questions? Just call us toll free for answers.

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