Promo Mailing Envelopes and Shippers

Everyone loves to get a catalogue, magazine or something else exciting in the mail, but it’s a big disappointment when that item has been damaged in transit, as can often happen when you use old-fashioned paper envelopes. Fortunately, BagsOnTheNet has a solution for this age-old problem, which can really harm an organization’s reputation Promo Mailing Envelopes and Shippers.

Made from strong and durable co-extruded plastic, these tough envelopes are weatherproof and tear resistant. Yet they’re easy to use, allowing you or employees to fill them quickly and efficiently.

 Customers or anyone else receiving these envelopes will be impressed by your professionalism and the care that you take when sending them something, and will have more confidence when ordering from you via the Internet, by phone or mail. The imprints on these envelopes and shippers meanwhile will let everyone know exactly who you and your organization are, building your brand and leaving a lasting impression that you care about quality.

These envelopes are easy to use; there’s no nasty licking of glued flaps or wetness. Simply peel off the liner that covers these envelopes’ adhesive, fold the flap over the mouth of the bag and press firmly to seal. Pressure-sensitive stamps go on these envelopes in a jiffy.

Printing is available in up to eight colors for these envelopes, and BagsOnTheNet also offers economy mailers made of extruded material that are strong, light and water resistant. In addition to making great mailers, our tough Promo Mailing Envelopes and Shippers are also a good choice for storing or transporting valuable items and provide security by discouraging tampering with their strong seals.

Available with a minimum order of 3,000, our envelopes and shippers are a great deal and become an even bigger bargain when you buy in greater quantities. Just call us toll free with any questions.

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