Promo Tote Bags

If you commute to work on the train, the last thing you want to do is drag a plastic bag with your lunch and book in it. Sure, there’s your briefcase, but it isn’t really built to accommodate lunches and other things that you may want to bring with you to work. Be stylish and prepared with Imprinted Promo Tote Bags from BagsOnTheNet. Not only are these durable tote bags, they’re chic and green.

Green isn’t just trendy. It’s smart. Plastic bags clog the ocean and landscape, endanger wildlife and aren’t even biodegradable. Promo Tote Bags are reusable, convenient and inexpensive. Not only can you use them for work, they are excellent for shopping, outings and even vacations. If you have young children in the midst, they are a must. Pack a BagsOnTheNet tote bag with coloring books, crayons and other goodies to keep little ones busy when you are waiting in the doctor’s office or at a restaurant. Kids can even carry their own, especially when you are on vacation or going to the beach. They are lightweight.

BagsOnTheNet offers three different types on Imprinted Promo Tote Bags. Choose from fashionable colors and styles. There is the environmentally friendly Imprinted Eco Cotton Tote Bag. This style is perfect for the on-the-go green mom, student or teacher. It’s excellent for commuting to work or school. Teachers will really adore this bag because they always have a lot of stuff to bring back and forth to school. You can even have your school or corporate logo displayed on the bag.

The Imprinted Tablet Tote Bag is ideal for the business professional. It includes a padded interior pocket for laptops and tablets. This bag is great for commuting to and from work as well as for business trips.

Check out the Imprinted Promotional Clear Vinyl Stadium Tote Bag. This is an excellent choice for sports fans and concert goers. In today’s world, many college and professional stadiums do not allow solid bags inside. Clear bags are a requirement or they must be left at home. While people understand the reasons, it makes going to a baseball or football game difficult especially for young families with kids that travel with gear. Make it simple with this clear vinyl stadium tote. It is reusable, durable and stylish.

Be ready for anything with Imprinted Promo Tote Bags from BagsOnTheNet. You can easily go from work to school and to play and back again with these fabulous totes.

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