Single Use Child Resistant Bags for Marijuana Packaging

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Single Use Child-Resistant Bags are excellent packaging solutions for small amounts of marijuana. The bags are designed to prevent children from accessing their contents. These are food safe, FDA approved pouches that can store single servings of marijuana, edibles, other medicinal herbs and pharmaceuticals.

These bags are highly protective, not only against children, but also contamination and moisture. Each bag features 5 millimeter seams and a fully opaque construction. The layered material used in the construction of these bags also ensures they are smell proof, so there will be no indication from the outside of what might be inside.

The bags ship with either a white or a silver brushed finish. One side of the pouches is left open to allowing filling. The open edge can be heat sealed after the bag is filled. Tear notches have not been added to these bags as part of the child protection measures. Once the bags are heat sealed the contents will be safely protected by a smell proof barrier until opened.

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