Smell Proof Metallized Hanging Bags & Pouches, Clear Front - Odor Barrier Bag 4.0 Mil

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Add To My Cart Ask For Quote features a full line of Smell Proof Metallized Cannabis Hanging Bags and Pouches. The metallized hanging zipper barrier bags are perfect for cannabis packaging for prescription and medical use products as well as recreational use products. They include pre-opened zippers do not include tear notches and provide tamper resistance.

Protect your product from moisture, dirt, air and other issues. These hanging bags are perfect for protection, storage, and display, especially if your store uses hanging displays. The bags feature a ¼ inch round hole to hang for easy display. With a smell proof barrier, die cut hang holes, these metallized hanging bags are perfect for featuring your product. These are tamper resistant hanging bags are perfect for use by dispensaries and collectives.

The zip-closure bags and pouches are strong enough to hang anywhere in your store for nearly any length of time. Durable, the bags won’t stretch, fall from the hook or release odors. Your product will be displayed in a secure package.

Metallized Zipper Pouch Bags offer a high barrier with an airtight, resealable zip closure. It is heat sealable. The bottom gusset enables the product to stand upright when filled. It is an excellent oxygen, aroma, moisture and light barrier.

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