Smell Proof Metallized Hanging Bags & Pouches - Odor Barrier Bag 4.0 Mil

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Smell Proof Hanging Bags - Smell Proof Barrier Bag

Smell Proof Metallized Cannabis Hanging Bags from Bags On The Net offer a high-quality packaging option for your medicinal or recreational marijuana. The bags are food grade and provide protection from moisture and oxygen. Available in gram and ounce sizes, they provide security for your product, keeping it safe and fresh.

The handing bags are perfect for display on wall units. The bags are strong enough to store anywhere in your store for as long as you want. They feature strong side seams, a pre-opened zipper and a 1/4" round hanging hole.

The vapor barrier is designed to hold the scent inside the package. Moisture barrier controls odors for maximum freshness. The bags also are child-resistant. A tamper-proof construction also can be heat sealed. There are no tear notches, creating an additional level of security to prevent youngsters from gaining access to the contents. The bag is perfect for pharmaceutical use. provides all of the packaging products to meet all of your dispensary needs. Our online catalog is one of the largest in the industry. Order online on our secure website. If you have any questions about any of our smell proof marijuana packaging, call 1-888-NET-BAGS. Your order is shipped within 12 hours of processing.