Smell Proof Metallized Stand Up Clear Front Resealable Bags

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Smell Proof Standing Bags - Pouches

Metallized Stand Up Zipper Pouch bags offer a secure, airtight seal that is dependable and smell proof. The metallized material of the pouch is food safe but also extremely tough, providing a barrier to block oxygen, moisture and odor. It can keep cannabis and food protected and preserved in a totally discrete package. This is a fantastic packing solution for dispensaries and similar organizations.

The bags have a thickness of 3.5 to 6.0 mil, which is very strong and resilient. Every bag is heat sealable but also has a zipper pouch that can be opened and resealed multiple times and a clear front window. The zipper pouch ensures the bag is reusable. Many shapes and sizes are available. All varieties feature the gusseted bottom that allows the bags to stand upright on their own when filled with product.

A wide array of colors is available and any bag can be custom branded with logo and labeling information. All of the color selections have a metallic finish for a stunning, luxury look.

Place your order through our website by navigating the drop down menus. If you have any questions about the Metallized Stand Up Zipper Pouch bags please feel free to call us at 1-888-NET-BAGS.