Smell Proof Metallized Stand Up Resealable Zipper Pouch Bag

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Metallized Stand Up Zipper Pouch - Smell Proof Bags

Bags On The Net features for Metallized Stand Up Zipper Pouch bags with a Clear Window that offer safety and security for your products. The metallized materials are becoming more popular in flexible packaging for their moderate barrier qualities and lower cost. For products requiring a better barrier than poly, but not quite as good as foil, metallized bags and pouches are the perfect fit.

These metallized stand up bags feature resealable zippers. The metallized material protects contents from odor, oxygen and moisture. The material offers barrier protection and offers 3.5 to 6 mil thickness. A clear window allows your product to be displayed. Cannabis can be displayed discretely with this packaging solution, which is perfect for dispensaries and collectives.

In addition to the zipper pouch, the bags also are heat sealable. Our higher barrier metallic pouches that come in several color options. These pouches stand on their own with a durable bottom gusset. They can be sealed perfectly with the zip closure to keep all the products inside as airtight as possible.

Visit BagsOnTheNet online for shipping and ordering information. We offer convenient, quick shipping. To find out more about metallized stand up zipper pouch bags, call us at 1-888-NET-BAGS. You also can find out more about our discount details.