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The Paper Shopping Bag

Posted September 12, 2012
  The Paper Shopping Bag 
Here is another tremendous workhorse of the bag industry. 


  Why would they choose this bag?  Well, I'm glad you ask.  First, it has good hand.  What do I mean?  Well, when you walk out of a store, it feels more substantial then a plastic bag.  Second, with a multiple of sizes to choose from and have on hand in your retail store, you'll be able to use a strong bag to put items of any size in for your clients to walk away with; while, of course, advertising your store.  These bags also have a funny way of having many lives; so don't be surprised if weeks or months after the purchase, your customer is not taking their lunch to work with one of these bags - Consider it your moving billboard!


  We make these for a wide range of users and some are, doctor's offices, shoe stores, clothing, tourism spots, and the list keeps going.  Check out The Paper Shopping Bag and let BagsOnTheNet help you find the right solution for your store.
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posted March 8, 2013 by Peket Longo
I have to say in my business, this bag does the job. I buy my custom bags from and they always get the job done. They even educated me so I know to tell customers that my bags are FSC Certified paper. Makes me look like an environmental superstar, which I am.

posted October 21, 2014 by John Schmitt
I used to use plastic but I have to say that my cliente now actually has commented and thanked my for using paper. They said they use them around town until they get trashed. I love them because I know they are walking around advertising my store!! Thanks for the help in guiding me through the process. Customer support for great.

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