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BagsOnTheNet's heavyweight and linear low-density trash liners are manufactured with a tubular construction to eliminate breakage on side seams. You'll find a wide selection of stock sizes in clear and black. Our stock trash bags and liners ship within 24 hours. 
High Density Trash Liners
BagsOnTheNet offers High Density trash bags (HDPE) are ideal for use in office wastebaskets, kitchens, lunchrooms, restrooms and wherever the trash bag will not be subjected to sharp, pointy or rough edges that may puncture the bag. High Density garbage bags are less resistant to tears once punctured and therefore should never be used if the possibility exists that anything within the contents of the bag may be sharp or rough. High Density trash bags are ideal for grass clippings, rags, cloths, paper towels, office paper, cups, paper plates, food waste and various other waste that is not sharp or rough. Browse our line of High Density garbage bags by clicking the category below.
Low Density Trash Bags
BagsOnTheNet's Low Density Trash Liners are recommended for sharper objects and tougher transport conditions. They feature greater tear resistance compared to high density garbage bags. Buy our low density trash bags and waste can liners for home or industrial use. We have the highest quality garbage bags in all sizes.  Buy today and let BagsOnTheNet deliver you a better kind of bag and service.
Linear Low Density Trash Bags
BagsOnTheNet's Linear Low Density (LLDPE) Trash Bags are extremely strong bags and more resistant to puncturing and/or tearing.  Linear Low Density garbage bags will also stretch considerably before they puncture and/or rip, therefore they are the bag of choice if the possibility exists that anything within the contents of the bag will be sharp such as bolts, sticks, glass, crab legs, eating utensils and any sharp object that could possibly puncture the bag.
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