Vacuum Pouches

The world’s top food service industry pros and retailers turn to Bags On The Net for economically priced vacuum food pouches by the case. We offer more than 2 dozen sizes for small and large food operations. Because these vacuum bags prevent spoilage and freezer burn, they’re a money-saving food packaging solution for cafeterias, restaurants, for retail and wholesale grocers and for home use. These vacuum pouches comply with FDA and U.S. Department of Agriculture specifications and food service standards.

Because we’re the industry leader, we have negotiated lowest prices available for these superior-quality food storage bags with 9-layer poly-nylon construction. . Our bags provide superior moisture transmission rates at less than 5g/sw.m, as well as oxygen transmission rates at less than 45 cc/sw.m. With a 3-mil thickness, you can boil or freeze food in this bag. They work with heat-seal units and bone-in applications. Choose from more than 2 dozen sizes ranging from 5 inches by 7 inches to 18-inch by 28-inch styles.

Sealed foods last three to five times longer than meats and produce stored in conventional storage bags. They also retain their texture and appearance longer, allowing small and large restaurant and cafeteria operations to save by buying foods in bulk for long-term storage without risking the loss of visual appeal.

Homeowners, resorts and other hospitality industry clients save, too, by purchasing food in bulk and then dividing into smaller portions for storage in our vacuum-seal food bags crafted of FDA-approved film. Store fish, meat, dehydrated fruits and baked goods while minimizing wasted food. Our versatile vacuum pouches are also used to store sterilized medical supplies, clothing and accessories, as well as moisture-sensitive electronics. Rely on Bags On The Net for all your storage bags, and shipping and mailing packaging. We specialize in Earth-friendly recyclable bags and pouches made from post-consumer materials. We’re the go-to source for customizable bags for retail, industry, tradeshow and event clients.

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