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When To Buy Bags In Bulk?

Posted August 30, 2012

Simple question, really, but it all depends on what you consider bulk.  If you use 40,000 industrial poly bags a month in your operation, then buying 2 pallets at a time with free shipping is not unrealistic.  If you buy 300,000 poly bags, and you only use 10,000 a year, you’re out of your mind with money to burn. 

We work with the largest of companies down to a mom and pop, and they all get the same attention and service - they just have different needs.  Working with the large operations; when they buy in bulk, they are doing a few things: 1. Locking in the price of that commodity at that particular time.  2.  Guaranteeing they do not have a slowdown in assembly due to missing components (BAGS).  And 3. they take advantage of high volume discounts and, many times, free shipping on those orders.  When you are working on a grand scale, those pennies add up to large dollars at the end of a year.

BagsOnTheNet has been providing large clients and small with solutions online since 1996 and we have the Capabilities to help handle your needs starting today!

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