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What's The Connection Between Reusable Bags And Junk Food?

Posted June 26, 2015 custom printed bagsIt's a pretty indisputable fact: plastic bags are bad for the environment. Every year, U.S. men and women use about 100 billion plastic bags, and producing that many bags requires 12 million barrels of oil. What's more, many of these bags are discarded, and Americans end up tossing 185 pounds of plastic annually. Thankfully, more shoppers are making the shift to reusable bags, including custom printed bags, printed tote bags, and environmentally friendly bags.

Do Consumers Using Reusable Bags Shop Differently?
A recent Harvard study took a closer look at this trend to see what consumers using reusable totes, like custom printed bags, purchase in comparison to shoppers that opt for traditional, plastic grocery bags (still the overwhelming majority at 90%). The findings were pretty unexpected... sort of. Unsurprisingly, shoppers using canvas bags, fabric totes, and other environmentally friendly bags were also more likely to buy organic fruits and vegetables than their peers. On the other hand, "people were more likely to pick up a bag of chips, box of cookies, or pint of ice cream if they had their reusable bags with them," according to CBS.

What's the connection? Apparently, many of us reward good deeds or more accomplishments with indulgences. The researchers explain that it is very similar to eating a large cheeseburger or several slices of pizza after a strenuous workout.

Is It Inevitable?
While the study is illuminating and interesting, it's not a set of guidelines or rules set in stone. First, treats and indulgences in moderation are okay. Watch your portions, and you'll be just fine. Also keep this effect and research in mind, and think twice before loading reusable bags with sugary treats and junk foods on every single trip to the grocery store.

Do reusable totes and shopping bags motivate consumers to shop differently? Apparently, the answer is yes. These shoppers are, oddly enough, the most likely to purchase organic produce and ice cream, chips, and pizza.

Businesses Stand To Profit From Going Green

Posted May 15, 2015 plastic bag useHow important is it for businesses to "go green"? "Fifty-five percent of global online consumers across 60 countries say they are willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact," a recent survey by Nielsen, a global information company, reveals. Similarly, if given the choice of a sustainable product or business or an ordinary one, nearly two-thirds of consumers will choose the most eco-friendly option. So what are the best ways for companies to go green?

Start With Small, Internal Measures
Some changes may not necessarily make headlines or be outwardly perceived by your customers, but they will save you money nonetheless. These measures include purchasing energy efficient lighting, installing energy saving HVAC systems coupled with a programmable thermostat and ceiling fans to more thoroughly circulate cool air, and selecting Energy Star computer and office equipment whenever possible. All of these changes, while small, will add up and slash company heating and cooling bills and utility costs considerably.

Show Off A Little Bit
The next step is to take action that will get customers talking -- in a good way, of course. All companies can benefit from selling their products in eco-friendly packaging, whether that entails cups and containers made out of recycled materials or packing sold products into eco friendly totes and environmentally friendly bags and limiting excess plastic bag use. Limiting plastic bag use and opting for eco-friendly custom bags is a grander gesture than it seems. Americans use 100 billion single-use plastic bags every year; these bags waste 12 million barrels of oil during the course of their production, and ultimately lead to the death of over 1 million birds and thousands of sea creatures after they accidentally ingest them. By converting to a more eco-friendly option, grocery stores can cut down on the 90% currently using plastic bags; other companies and retailers can reduce plastic use and make a good impression.

Going green is a money-making venture. Save money on company utility bills with small changes around the office, and choose eco friendly materials for any cups, containers, packaging, and bags.

Huntington Beach Repeals Two Year Ban On Plastic Bags

Posted April 30, 2015 custom paperAll across the nation, businesses and organizations are trying to incorporate energy savings and eco-friendly measures, but the specifics of doing it can get a bit confusing. In Huntington Beach, California, city officials voted to repeal a ban on plastic bags -- a ban that was in place for two years, and initially celebrated as groundbreaking and precedent-setting. Out of all of the council members, just one voted to let the ban stand. What now?

"It'll take at least 30 days for the ordinance to have a second reading and go into effect, ending grocers' ability to charge 10 cents per paper bag," The Honolulu Star Advertiser reports. A statewide vote will revisit the matter of plastic bags and a possible ban in November 2016. Thanks to California's indecision, a lot of business owners are not quite certain where they stand. What is the best course of action for companies using custom paper and/or plastic bags?

Is Charging For Bags Effective?
With Americans throwing out 185 pounds of plastic and 14 million trees being lost to paper bags every year, it is clear that companies must -- at the very least -- do something. For some, the answer has been to charge a small fee per bag to discourage excessive paper or plastic bag use. The same companies may also sell environmentally friendly totes (typically for $1 or less) that are larger and last longer than plastic and paper alternatives. Whether this is the most effective method remains to be seen, and some customers certainly do not appreciate the extra charge -- even if it's diminutive.

Recycle And Reuse
Another option is for stores to order custom paper or plastic bags made out of recycled materials. With the vast majority of Americans reusing printed bags and plastic bags (90%), it makes a lot of sense for companies to chip in and do their part by choosing bags made out of eco friendly plastic or recycled paper.

What is the consensus on paper and plastic bags? Unfortunately, right now, there is none. Companies can make an effort by discouraging excessive use with a small fee, or they can order bags made out of recycled or re-purposed materials.

See Clearly with NFL-Compliant Bags

Posted October 18, 2013
Major news to football fans and if you are a fan we’re sure you’re well aware of the new stadium rules released by the NFL in August 2013!
If you have seen crazy pricing out there for clear vinyl bags on the internet or in the stores that’s because that’s exactly what it is, CRAZY.  
The NFL is selling standard clear vinyl bags compliant with the new stadium rules for $10.00 - $20.00 a bag!   While this is a golden goose egg for the teams, this is certainly putting a huge bite into the average sports-going family's pocket!  BagsOnTheNet doesn't feel game-day security should have such a hefty price tag! 
The new stadium regulations states, simply, that the bag must be see through and no larger than 12x12x6. The NFL regulations also state the bag can be vinyl (which will last about a year or so depending on  usage) or plastic (disposable - as in zipper bags or clear resealable bags) 
read the NFL rules - click here

BagsOnTheNet offers cheaper bag alternatives that fall within the requirements for the new stadium regulations on clear handbags and security purses. We are a bulk supplier of clear vinyl bags and security purses of many different sizes and that will fall under the NFL-compliant stadium bag regulations. 
We currently stock 12x12x6 Vinyl Stadium Compliant BagsVinyl Security Purses and Zipper bags by the case. Paying for a case of Zipper bags or Vinyl Bags will drastically reduce you cost for getting into a game. Why not get a group of friends and divide the cost? Compare our prices to your local supermarket and you will see the saving difference by buying in bulk!
 At BagsOnTheNet,  we’re about quality bags and competitive pricing.  We are always looking for ways to expand our services to keep our customers happy!  During the next 2 months, we will be adding many new and different items to our already large inventory. Be sure to bookmark our site and check back often.
While everyone is viewing the new stadium ruling on clear security bags as a hindrance or invasion of privacy, we, at BagsOnTheNet, see it as a perfect opportunity for any company to seize the chance to get their branded name out there!  Giving tickets away to clients and employees, have box seats for the game - why not put your corporate logo on these bags and supply them as a promotional give-away? Stadium Bags can be customized and imported with your corporate image in any size and shape! It's as easy as "asking for a quote"

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