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Posted August 9, 2012

         Folk’s, here’s a great article that helps put a different perspective on the latest rage within the retail bag industry.  The author sites some pretty compelling science to back up his ideas why banning bags might not be the wisest thing to do.   
You want to feel good and think plastic bags are bad, so you say, “Hey, I’m going to buy those reusable bags”, only to realize that those, too, are plastic.  Want to buy paper bags as a substitute, great, we sell those too; but as we’ve been saying for years now, it’s not what bag  people use, it’s a question of how do people dispose of that bag AFTER they use it. 
Again, why do we have to turn to outright bans that punish everyone?  You may ask, “How may that be?”  Well, store owners that sell low cost goods are the folks who buy the lower cost bags; and if they have to upgrade a bag because of bans, then ultimately those stores are going to raise their prices to comply with new laws. Hence, we, the paying public, pay more for the things we need in the long run.
 As a store or business owner, you need knowledge and information to help you make the right choices. Informed decisions help business owners keep up with the demands and wishes of their clientele!  The following article has some very interesting facts regarding the pro's and con's of the uses of plastics!

Read the full article Here:


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Reusable Tote Bags – The Appeal of Going Green with Reusable Tote Bags

Posted July 23, 2012

Reusable Tote Bags – The Appeal of Going Green with Reusable Tote Bags 

With more and more people becoming environmentally conscious, and even some cities and states banning a single-use shopping bag, the sales of reusable tote bags have grown significantly. Just about every store you go into has their very own bag you can buy to use at their store again and again when you shop. Buying and using this type of bag when you go shopping is very appealing to those who want to help the environment, but are not sure how they can go about doing it. Even the smallest thing like replacing a plastic bag with a reusable one can make a huge difference in environmental waste.


Naturally, reusable tote bags have to be made out of sturdy material in order for customers to want to buy them for use. This is especially true for shoppers in grocery stores because all of the food purchases can be really heavy. This type of bag is traditionally much bigger than the plastic single-use bag, so the cashier or bag person can fit more stuff in them. Always be sure the handles on your bag are sturdy and secure so that you do not end up dropping all of your items.

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Los Angeles Considers Plastic & Paper Bag Ban

Posted September 19, 2011

A lawmaker in Los Angeles has introduced legislation that would prohibit all grocery stores in the city from providing paper and plastic bags, and instead require them to give away or sell only reusable totes. The proposed measure is far more sweeping than current laws in cities like San Francisco, where plastic bags are banned, but paper bags are still permitted. “We're taking the next step,” said Los Angeles City Councilor Paul Koretz, who has proposed the ban. “With paper bags, you're still generating litter.”

According to a report produced by the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation, approximately 2.3 billion plastic bags and 400 million paper bags are issued annually in the city. Data shows only 5% of plastic bags and 21% of paper bags are recycled. Environmentalists believe that while plastic bags can be especially harmful in polluting waterways, paper bags can also create problems for an ecosystem. “We're hoping that more of these local policies will be a wake-up call,” says Kirsten James, a spokesperson for watchdog group Heal the Bay.

Besides San Francisco, several other cities in California have recently banned the use of plastic bags in grocery and convenience stores. Santa Monica’s ban, for example, went into effect on September 1. Officials in San Mateo and Millbrae will formally discuss potential bans at public meetings over the next month. To date, though, only Los Angeles is debating a plastic and paper bag ban.

Under the Los Angeles proposal, stores that ignore the ban would be fined, with an exemption granted for small plastic bags meant to keep raw vegetables and meats separated from other groceries. Before the ban can become law, the measure needs to be approved by the Los Angeles City Council's Energy and Environment Committee.

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The Bags of the Serengeti........

Posted August 4, 2011
To celebrate our 1 week launch anniversary, Kayel De Angelis, our creative director, created a video illustrating the early days of BagsOnTheNet.

The Bags of the Serengeti........

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