As direct importers, BagsOnTheNet can take your ideas and turn them into reality.  Due to our global presence, we not only sell internationally but have the ability to utilize any international manufacturer in good standing within the U.S.  We can assist with your initial concept, blueprinting your idea, contracting with THE RIGHT factory, dealing with U.S. Customs, and getting your goods delivered on time. BagsOnTheNet can fill a vital role within your organization by helping to streamline your sourcing operations and manage costs.  When you partner with BagsOnTheNet, you immediately gain a professional importer with over 30 years of international sourcing experience. 

From the moment BagsOnTheNet partners with a client, we stay involved with the process as long as necessary. If you need bags shipped to your distribution center, it’ s done.  Do you need more detailed solutions where we submit usage reports and handle distribution for your organization? It’ s done.  We have over 40 years of direct experience dealing with large companies and their procurement departments, and it always comes back to customer service.  We hold in high regard that our customers consider us a “ key ingredient” within their packaging process which is proven to help with customer retention, as well as help us grow more organically.  We help give you, the owner, the ability to better manage your human capital.
If your company is looking to manage costs and reduce overhead, let BagsOnTheNet handle your warehousing and distribution needs.  Our regional shipping points allow your organization to purchase with greater economies while minimizing or even eliminating warehousing and shipping costs.  We know it’ s not just about the first sale, but more importantly, the ongoing service and all that goes into managing your costs that truly help us to better serve our client’ s objectives.  We look at every dollar spent as if it were our own, and always seek out the most cost effective solutions.  It’ s those solutions that benefit both us and the client at the same time.  Call today and see how we can help your company manage your freight costs.